Guide to Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost in Long Island


07 July 2021

Guide to Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost in Long Island

Around 5 million people visit dentists for wisdom teeth removal services every year. 

If you suspect that you need yours removed, you might wonder what the process involves. The wisdom teeth removal procedure is somewhat complex, yet it's also a very popular service that dentists perform often. 

As you get ready to go through this procedure, you might feel less nervous about it if you learn a few vital things about it. Here is a guide to help you know the most important aspects of this common procedure.

Reasons to Get Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

Some people go through the wisdom teeth removal process to avoid problems, while others go through it to solve the problems they have with their wisdom teeth. 

The wisdom teeth are the teeth found deep in the back of your mouth, and they are not teeth that you need. Because of their location, they tend to be hard to clean. As a result, many people experience decay in them. 

Many people experience problems when their wisdom teeth begin growing. If yours don't grow straight, they can push on your other teeth, causing pain and shifting. 

Therefore, here are the top reasons people get their wisdom teeth removed:

  • They are impacted and causing pain inside the mouth
  • They are impacted and causing other teeth to shift
  • They have decay on them
  • You want to avoid decay and other problems with them

You might relate to one of these reasons or multiple reasons. In any case, you can talk to a dentist to find out more about the procedure for removing them. 

How to Prepare for the Wisdom Teeth Removal Procedure

If you decide to get them removed, you might want to prepare for this event in several ways. 

The first way to prepare is by learning more about wisdom teeth removal costs. You might also want to ask about the costs of wisdom teeth removal with insurance. Dental insurance often pays for a portion of the costs. 

If you don't have insurance, you can ask the dental office if they offer payment plans. The costs for getting wisdom teeth removed vary, but a dentist can provide a quote to you if you ask. 

Some dentists offer sedation when removing a person's wisdom teeth. If you need this, you'll pay more than you would without getting sedation for the procedure. 

Therefore, you'll need to prepare for the costs of the services. Once you learn the costs and your options, you can decide how to pay for the services. 

The second way to prepare for wisdom teeth removal Long Island is by purchasing the right types of foods to eat after the procedure. For the first few days afterward, you might have to limit your foods to soft things. 

For example, you can eat jello, pudding, soup, and mashed potatoes. You might also want to stock up on popsicles and ice cream.

Your mouth will be sore for several days, and you'll injure the wounds if you eat the wrong things.

Finally, you might need to prepare by finding someone to drive you to the appointment and home after completing it. If you use any form of sedation, you might not be able to drive. 

Even without sedation, you might not feel up to driving home after getting these teeth removed. 

The Steps of the Procedure

Next, you'll need to learn about the steps of wisdom teeth removal. The first step is getting comfortable in the dental chair and ready for the numbing medication.

Your dentist will numb your mouth, just like they do for cavity removal or other procedures. If you want sedation, they will begin the process by providing you with the essential sedative to calm you or put you to sleep. 

Once they numb your mouth, they will begin the wisdom teeth removal process. They begin by making an incision in your gums to access the tooth.

If the tooth is exposed already, they may not need to cut the gums. It depends on the location, accessibility, and direction of the tooth. 

Next, the dentist might break the tooth up to remove it in sections. This step also depends on the size, location, and direction of the tooth. The dentist might pry around the tooth to loosen it before pulling it out. 

When the dentist is able to remove it, they will pull it out, making sure they remove all the pieces from the tooth. Then, they'll clean the area well and place stitches in it, if necessary. 

The final step is placing gauze in your mouth to help stop the bleeding. If you need to have multiple teeth removed, the dentist will complete these steps for each tooth. 

What to Expect Afterward

You might wonder about what to expect after getting this procedure completed, and you might have questions about caring for your mouth when you leave the dental clinic. 

Your dentist will leave you with instructions for caring for your mouth after getting your wisdom teeth removed. One of the main things you must do is to change the gauze in your mouth as directed by your dentist. 

Secondly, you'll need to limit yourself to eating soft foods. Your dentist will also tell you to avoid drinking through a straw or smoking. Sucking through a straw or on a cigarette can lead to a condition called dry socket

Dry socket is extremely painful, yet you can develop it after getting any tooth removed. If you follow your dentist's advice and instructions, you can prevent this from occurring. 

Talk to Your Dentist 

If you want to consider getting your wisdom teeth removed, talk to a dentist about the wisdom teeth removal procedure. You can learn more by speaking directly with a dentist in the Long Island area. 

You can contact us to learn more about the procedure, including the costs and what to expect. Call us today or visit our website to learn more. 

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